What is Dream Engineering?

We seek to apply techniques and technologies for influencing, recording, and manipulating dreams to benefit memory, creativity or wellbeing.

We organized a Dream Engineering workshop hosted at the MIT Media Laboratory in January 2019, which was very successful in bringing together over 50 leading scientists, dream researchers and engineers who have an interest in influencing, recording, or studying dreams through innovative technological developments. An overarching goal of this workshop was to link an interdisciplinary network of researchers interested in dream engineering, and to provide a springboard for future collaborative studies into enabling at-home users to reap the science-backed benefits of sleep and dreaming for memory, creativity, and well-being. Topics explored at the workshop included the science of lucid dreaming, physiological/sensory influences on dreaming, and memory replay and directed reactivation in sleep and dreams. Technologies explored included flexible circuit boards, optogenetics, portable olfactometers, and wearable cortisol sensors, each an opportunity for translating sleep laboratory dream influencing techniques into real-world settings.

We here bring together content from the workshop itself, along with a recent collection of journal articles, and aim to maintain this page as a resource and news site for current developments in the field of Dream Engineering.

We invite you to contact us below if you have any current news or publications worth sharing with the Dream Engineering community.